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Doha, Qatar
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  • Experience Innovation

    Something new,
    to stop doing something old

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    Infotica Belief is that, In a constantly changing market
    filled with technology and data, customer have the power.
    We offer new dimension of doing business

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    Intelligent Platforms

    FROM NEGATIVE To POSTIVE, We help our clients to create experiences,
    services and products that play a meaningful role
    in people's lives.

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    connecting people

    SMART idea connect SMART people
    in a SMART Way

our service

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IT Consulting

At Infotica, we consistently study latest developments in IT industry and interpret new technologies with perspective to benefit for the businesses...

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Cloud computing solutions

We help you forget the practices of spending on capital expenses and change to simple payments of mere operational costs. Small and Medium Enterprises are most benefited with the...

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Mobile App Developments

Mobile Computing enables you to break the barrier of geography and time of information availability; the technology enables you to get services and information at "Any Location" at...

About Infotica

Years Experience in This Industry

INFOTICA, a Technology company based in Doha- Qatar, established in 2016 with focus to provide Internet based solutions and services and create awareness about new trend internet solutions to the society and local industries. By creating a market for itself Infotica has an edge over its competition.

INFOTICA do not focus on traditional IT business. We focus on providing services using internet medium enabling society to interact with solution providers faster that makes their daily life easy.

+974  44325004

Why chose us

Experienced team

Our well experinced Team make your job done,
the way you like

Making systems talk to each other

Our cloud based solution helps your systems talk to each other

Lively products

Our products are build on latest platforms facilitating todays need as well as tomorrows.

Winning Team

We are best at many.

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation about designs, quality, space, budget and etc you can get it all of them free of cost.

Friendly support

Whenever & wherever you need our support you can contact ourcustomer support team , they will guide you.

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For Business: For Business inquiry fill our short feedback form or you can also send us an email on and we’ll get in touch shortly, or contact us @ +974 44325004.